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About SVD Fashion

Launched in 2018, SVD Fashion started its journey under the proprietory name Vinod Trading Co. This is a firm engaged in providing affordable fashion. The brand dabbles with fabrics like organic cotton and breathable fabrics to give its users luxurious yet classic clothing pieces that are meant to impart comfort along with style.

SVD Fashion is an e-commerce site selling clothes for men and women. We are all about delivering comfort camouflaged in perfect style to their customers. We promise to provide the best quality clothes in a minimal fashion. Always on the lookout for fresh styles, patterns and fabrics to push boundaries.

Our team has grown over the years! As we have gotten bigger, it is also more important than ever that we maintain the spirit of our brand. We will never be too afraid to step outside our comfort zone or play it safe; in fact, we strive to do the opposite at all times. It’s important to always stay optimistic and set your sights on new heights. Our #mesmerisingcanavastshirts is made richer every day by experiences with culture, travel, people and places around the world. https://appfinz.com/

Shake Hand With Us

We are a team of creativity enthusiasts who love what they do. We constantly work on product design makeovers to create a kind of fashion and patterns that make our customers stand out with the latest global trends. So if you are a graphic designer, illustrator or craft artist, you can be a part of our team and earn from your artwork. You can contact us at info@svdfashion.com and we will handle the rest. We will happily be the air beneath your wings to fly higher than the eagle by promoting your artwork to the world through our website and social media platform.https://svdfashion.com/product-category/women/

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